Human Capital Consulting

What it is

New Leaf Inspirations provide human resource management consulting ranging from recruitment and staff retention processes, contract management, IR practices, payroll process management, performance review programs, skills development and building company culture.

Our approach is tailored in accordance with business requirements and could be as important as a once-off business / department analysis for strategic advisement, support and training for the HR administrator, or team / individual goal setting for performance optimization.

When it’s a good idea

  • Your HR Manager spends more time sorting operational issues than revising, designing and implementing cool strategies which would make the operational issues go away
  • You don’t have a dedicated HR ‘personnel’
  • You think skills development is a drain on company resources
  • You dread the tediousness of a performance review
  • The staff are not excited to be at the office

How The Path Was Forged

One day, a calf needed to cross a virgin forest in order to return to its pasture. Being an irrational animal, it forged out a tortuous path full of bends, up and down hills. The next day, a dog came by and used the same path to cross the forest. Next it was a sheep’s turn, the head of a flock which, upon finding the opening, led its companions through it. Later, men began using the path: they entered and left, turned to the right, to the left, bent down, deviating obstacles, complaining and cursing – and quite rightly so. But they did nothing to create a different alternative. After so much use, in the end, the path became a trail along which poor animals toiled under heavy loads, being forced to go three hours to cover a distance which would normally take thirty minutes, had no one chosen to follow the route opened up by the calf. Many years passed and the trail became the main road of a village, and later the main avenue of a town. Everyone complained about the traffic, because the route it took was the worst possible one. Meanwhile, the old and wise forest laughed, at seeing how men tend to blindly follow the way already open, without ever asking whether it really is the best choice. Aesop Fables