Chileque Bezuidenhout

Clarity Coach

Over the past 5 years, Chileque has tripled the footprint of a telecommunications consulting house by fulfilling the role of Operations and Human Resource Manager where she designed, implemented and continually enhanced relevant human capital practices and strategies aligned with her intent of building a learning culture from grass roots level.

Specializing in employee performance coaching, Chileque has utilized her Life Coach Training gained through New Insights (Pty) Ltd to motivate individuals, teams and management to further enhance the value offering to their clients.

The training life cycle is one of her personal passions and she has spent the better part of her working career upskilling employees on role-specific qualities to meet company objectives.

She achieves this by developing and facilitating workshops on topics such as

  • Sales techniques, effective communication, presentation skills and business buy-in
  • Attitudes, confidence and leadership
  • Employee and management deliverables
  • Corporate values, human resource practices and management skills
  • Time management, business etiquette and win-win negotiations techniques

During 2008 – 2010 Chileque worked with a labour broker in the banking sector where she was accountable for the national recruitment, account and performance management of more than 360 sales consultants.

Chileque has studied Human Resource Management with Unisa as well as Public Relations and International Communication with Technikon SA.

Currently the proud owner of New Leaf Inspirations, Chileque intends to continue her passion for employee growth and personal development by offering her unique combination of intuition, education and experience to clients who truly understand the bottom line value of a happy resource.

“Laughter, love and life, what more can I be?”

Life Coach, Specialist Human Resource Consultant, Employee Performance Coach and Facilitator, I enjoy dedicating my time to personal development in the workplace